Hay-jumping and planing station

The freshly mowed hay on the Speikboden Alm is stored in the "Heuschupfe". It serves not only as food for the animals but also for hay jumping. Everyone can indulge in a hay bath here to their heart's content.

When you close your eyes in the "Heuschupfe" and take a deep breath, the scent of hay rises to your nostrils. Fine noses will unmistakably detect the smell of fresh mint - this herb grows particularly intensely at an altitude of 2000 m.

Via a small staircase located at the rear of the hay barn, one reaches the "diving board". From a height of about two meters, anyone can dive into the fresh hay. Here are the most important rules of conduct for hay jumping at a glance:

  • Only jump when there's no one in the hay below.
  • No pushing.
  • Sit on the diving board first and then jump.

The hay-jumping station is located next to the planing station, both can be found in the petting zoo on the Speikboden Alm at 2000m. You can reach it with the Speikboden cable car. Click here for the cable car tickets!

Interesting facts about the Swiss pine

Pinus cembra", also known as the Swiss pine, is often referred to as the "Queen of the Alps". This special title already hints at the almost mythical reverence bestowed upon the Swiss pine.

The Swiss pine belongs to the pine family and is commonly found in high mountain ranges at elevations of 1500 – 2000 meters. Characteristic of the Swiss pine are its short shoots, on which numerous clusters can be found, each bearing 5 needles. Swiss pine wood is a valuable natural material that is easy to work with.


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