FIS Safety Rules

  1. A skier or snowboarder must behave does in a way that not endanger or prejudice others.
  2. A skier or snowboarder must move in control. He must adapt his speed to his driving skills, the terrain, the snow and weather conditions and the traffic density. 
  3. Skiers and snowboarders, coming from behind, must choose their route so that they do not endanger skiers and snowboarders ahead. 
  4. Surpassing is allowed from above or below, from the right or from the left, but always at a distance that leaves enough space for the other skiers or snowboarders and all of their movements. 
    Additional in Italy: At junctions, skiers or snowboarders coming in from the right are allowed to pass first.
  5. A skier or snowboarder entering a marked run, starting again after stopping or taking a swing upwards or wanting to start the run, must look up and down so that he can do so without endangering himself and others. 
  6. A skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping in narrow places or places where visibility is not given. A fallen skier or snowboarder must clear such spots as quickly as possible.
  7. A skier or snowboarder either climbing or descending on foot must keep to the side of the slope. 
    Additional in Italy: Moving upwards on the slopes is generally forbidden, except in an emergency case. 
  8. A skier or snowboarder must consider and note the information on the warning signs. 
  9. In case of accidents, every skier or snowboarder is duty bound to assist. 
  10. Every skier and snowboarder, whether witness or involved, whether responsible or not, must release his personal data in case of accident. 
  11. Every skier and snowboarder must keep a safe distance to the edge of the slope and to the others. 
  12. Every skier and snowboarder must consider the required road of others.
    Additional in Italy: A helmet is compulsory for children up to 14 years. 


Rules Skiworld Ahrntal

In the event of an accident, hoping that this does not happen: the slope rescue is to be informed at the next lift station.

The guest uses the ski slopes at his own risk. A skier must behave in a way that he neither endangers people nor inflicts damage on other people or the property. The skier has to adapt his driving style to match the driving skills. Furthermore, the skier has to observe the terrain and use the visibility and snow conditions as well as the regulations offered by billboards as measuring sticks for his own driving style. The FIS slope rules and the state law for ski order have to be respected. 

Leaving the ski slopes is prohibited due to the risk of avalanches and the protection of flora and fauna. 


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