General conditions of sale during winter


  • For the initial treatment of injured persons, a service charge of up to €250.00 + VAT will be billed
  • According to legal regulations, it is required that every skier has liability insurance. In addition to liability insurance, it is recommended to also have accident insurance which covers the costs of slope rescue as well as initial treatment. Relevant information can be obtained at the ticket counter
  • Emergency telephone number: 112


  • Children under 8 years ski free of charge (except groups). Children under 16 years get the reduction for children.
  • By accepting the skipass for the child under age the adult receiver declares to know the respective regulations and to accept them without restrictions, to take on the responsibility for the child when using the lift facilities and to make sure the lifts are used under direct surveillance.
  • Senior citizens aged 65 and older get the reduction for senior citizens.
  • Reductions for severely disabled people at presentation of documentation: 15% discount of the price list.
  • Reductions of all kind are only granted with respective documentation. Self explanation will not be accepted. The person interested in the reduction needs to be present at the cash desk.
  • Group reductions from 15 persons upwards on request (with the exception of special offers).


  • The ski pass is a personal ID. It is neither transferable nor exchangeable. In order to ensure the allocation of the ski pass to a person, the ski pass system automatically takes photos which are deleted once the validity of the ski pass expires. The period of validity oft the acquired ski passes can not be shortened or extended. The Speikboden AG assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed ski passes. In the event of fraudulent use the ski pass can be cancelled. In the event of misuse, double the ski pass price will be charged. The Speikboden AG and Klausberg Seilbahn AG reserves the right to initiate civil and criminal law measures.
  • The skipass is only valid during the normal hours of business.
  • The 3-hour-card is starting with its first use at the lift.
  • All skipasses (except single runs) are issued on contact-free rechargeable key cards. A deposit of 5,00 € is charged for each keycard. The deposit is returned to the full when the keycard is given back undamaged.
  • The skipass is only refunded in case of ski accidents from the day presented at the cash desk. A doctor’s certificate issued by a doctor working in the Tauferer Ahrntal or in the hospital the injured person has been taken to is necessary. The doctor’s certificate must state that the owner of the skipass can no longer ski as a result of the injury. Accompanying people or family members have no right to refunding. The amount to be refunded depends on the days already used. No refunding is possible for hourly passes, half-day and day passes.
  • In case of travel ban, quarantine, illness or other reasons due to a pandemic/epidemic, unused ski passes and single rides will be refunded at 100% on request.
  • If, due to a pandemic/epidemic, all lift systems in the ski and hiking areas Speikboden and Klausberg are closed on one or more days at the same time, a refund of already paid ski passes or single rides is provided on request as follows:
    • unused ski passes and single rides will be refunded at 100%.
    • in the case of multi-day ski passes, the difference to the actually used ski pass is refunded. Example: If a 6-day ski pass could only be used on three days, the difference to the price of a 3-day ski pass will be refunded.
    • ski passes and single rides lose their validity through a refund.
    • there will be no refunds for annual passes. Instead, the validity of the card is automatically extended by those days on which the lifts were closed due to a pandemic/epidemic.


  • According to price list (errors excepted). With high and low season overlapping the cash desk computer calculates the respective price.
  • The ticket (skipass, daypass and single run) replaces the fiscal receipt (decree of 30th June 1992).
  • The use of the skipass presupposes the knowledge and acceptance of the conditions of sale.
  • The information laid down by article 13 of the decree 196/2003 is displayed in the skipass offices and listed on the internet site. According to article 23 of the decree 196/2003 the purchaser of the skipass agrees to his personal data being used for marketing purposes.


  • The classification of the slopes is not binding and has only informative character. It is not guaranteed that all slopes are open. For safety reasons the slopes mustn’t be used outside the hours of business (before 8:30 am and after 4:30 pm).
  • Off-slope skiing is strictly forbidden because of danger of avalanches and the protection of flora and fauna.


  • The skier skis at his own risk. Each skier must behave so as to neither endanger other persons nor cause damage to people or objects. The skier needs to adjust his performance to his skills and the various conditions (slopes, view, snow) as well as to respect the various signs. The F.I.S. slope rules and the provincial law for slope regulation need to be respected.
  • The use of all fun parks (snow parks) and family parks is at your own risk.


  • There is no compensation for any limitation of business. No responsibility is taken for all lifts of the "Skiworld Ahrntal" working and all slopes being skiable.
  • At the beginning and the end of the season it is possible that some lifts could be closed and the skiable area could be limited. The skipass is valid until 16th April 2023 at those lifts where snow conditions and number of skiers allow business.


  • Complaints or suggestions are to be provided with an address and to be written to: Speikboden AG, Drittelsand 7, I-39032 Sand in Taufers (BZ) or Email to Klausberg Seilbahn AG, Enz Schachen 11, I-39030 Steinhaus/Ahrntal (BZ) or Email to

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