Michl is just waiting for a visit of leisure and beginner climbers. On an easy, B-difficulty course, it can offer a real climbing experience to any visitor with a half-good head for heights. After a little overhang, climbers pull themselves over rock bars that on average remain relatively low. Ideal for practising clicking and changing carabiners. A short hiking route shares the via ferrata in two sections. Small surprise: a stream provides refreshment and a place to rest and let you take in the natural surroundings. And not forgetting your own climbing performance, too. After a further climb, at the exit of the via ferrata is one of the loveliest viewing points in the Speikboden area. The little Speikboden lake, a hidden gem, rewards all visitors with a natural spectacle at the conclusion of the climb.

Anyone who has got the bug for more climbing can hike down the mountain to the start of the Speikboden's “Genie in a Bottle” via ferrata. Climbers who have used “Michl” to warm up will manage well on the next via ferrata.

Those who crave for another sightseeing highlight might hike up to the panoramic spot of Sonnklar. From here the Dolomites can be spottet South, as well as the Ahrntal mountains close by. Tired of hiking downhill? Why don’t you take the cableway of Sonnklar to reach your starting point Speikboden Alm.



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