The Weather in the Skiworld Ahrntal

Saturday, 20.04.2024


Cloudy, light snowfall

Weather today
Clouds will predominate on the main Alpine ridge and it will snow lightly at times. Towards the south, the clouds will break up and the sun will shine for longer. In many valleys, a strong north wind will blow.
The highest temperatures range from 7° in the Wipptal to 17° in the Unterland.

Sunday, 21.04.2024


Very cloudy

Weather tomorrow
After an often sunny start, the clouds will increase in the morning and a few showers will develop in the afternoon. The snow line will be at 1000-1200 m. The wind will weaken.
The maximum temperatures range from 7° to 16°.

Still cool

Monday will be very cloudy with scattered precipitation, especially at higher altitudes. It will remain cool. Tuesday will also be mostly cloudy with few sunny spells and isolated showers. Wednesday will be partly cloudy and dry. On Thursday, sunshine is expected to predominate with some clouds in the afternoon.

Monday, 22.04.2024


Tuesday, 23.04.2024

Very cloudy

Wednesday, 24.04.2024

Very cloudy

Current snow depths on the slopes
Klausberg Snow Depth Fresh Snow Temperature snowfall
Valley station (1.050m) 23 cm 1 cm - 24.03.2024
Moutain station K2 (2.510m) 234 cm 16 cm -6.3 °C 04.01.2024
Kristallalm (1.600m) 68 cm 9 cm -1.5 °C 29.03.2024
Speikboden Snow Depth Fresh Snow Temperature snowfall
Valley station 55 cm 1 cm 2.3 °C 24.03.2024
Speikboden Alm 240 cm 5 cm -4.6 °C 04.01.2024
Sonnklar 270 cm 5 cm -6.5 °C 04.01.2024

Mountain Weather

Mountain Weather today

Light snow showers on the main Alpine ridge, towards the south increasingly sunny with a strong and cold northerly wind.

Wind Speed 3 - strong northerly
Zero Degree Mark: 1700m
Mountain Weather tomorrow

In the beginning, the sun will still shine at times. In the morning, the clouds will increase in all mountain ranges, visibility will deteriorate and a few snow showers are to be expected.

Wind Speed 2 - moderate northeasterly
Zero Degree Mark: 1500m
4000 m
3000 m
2000 m
1000 m

Sonnklar 2400m

Current data from 20.04.2024 00:00

Air temperature -6,5 °C
Humidity 88 %
Air pressure 1013,5 mb
Current wind 3 km/h 127° SO
Wind 10min avg. 2 km/h 125° SO
Wind 10min max 5 km/h 127° SO
Current rainfall 0,0 mm/h
Rainfall today 0,0 mm
Rainfall per month 7,6 mm

Speikboden Alm 2000m

Current data from 20.04.2024 12:47

Air temperature -4,6 °C
Humidity 88 %
Air pressure 1015,6 mb
Current wind 2 km/h 189° S
Wind 10min avg. 1 km/h 185° S
Wind 10min max 6 km/h 185° S
Current rainfall 0,0 mm/h
Rainfall today 3,0 mm
Rainfall per month 76,2 mm

Valley station 950m

Current data from 20.04.2024 12:48

Air temperature 2,3 °C
Humidity 82 %
Air pressure 1015,0 mb
Current wind 0 km/h
Wind 10min avg. 0 km/h
Wind 10min max 6 km/h 350° N
Current rainfall 0,0 mm/h
Rainfall today 0,4 mm
Rainfall per month 38,6 mm

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