Ski rental and ski depot

A ski vacation involves many things, but heavy luggage doesn't have to be one of them. In Skiworld Ahrntal, you can rent everything you need for skiing. With a total of three ski rental shops, you can easily get equipped here. Skis, sleds, snowshoes, you'll find it all here. The last thing you'll have to do here is wait for a long time. Come to the base station, get your equipment, and hit the slopes, after all, the slope is the reason you're here. This way, you have more time for what's essential: skiing.

In addition to ski rentals, there are also ski depots where the equipment of all enthusiastic skiers is well-kept.

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Rent your Equipment at Klauberg
Everything you need

Ready, set, go!

With five different ski rentals, you don´t have to think about your equipment. Rent everything you need for your ski experience and enjoy your day!

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