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What we mean by that

Ski resorts in the 21st century are no longer just places for amusement and events whose sole responsibility is to entertain people. They must and may rethink: They are encouraged to reflect on their position and their importance not only as an economic driver but also as a conservationist. In the past 20 years the focus has already increasingly lied on the economic sustainability of the facilities. How can you save energy and costs while maintaining economic profit? The environment was a driver for the economic development. Now, however, another consideration is increasing constantly: environmental protection. It’s been a long time coming and has received a boost by a young, committed Swedish woman. Especially young people are called upon to take a stand and stand up for a change in environmental protection. A change of mind in this generation will determine how we will deal with our environment in the future. We have the knowledge and technology to protect our habitat and should use these opportunities to make a positive impact. The targeted use of ecological tools in the economy must therefore be in focus and master the balancing act between environmental friendliness and economy.
Sports facilities, such as the Skiworld Ahrntal, carry an important role concerning personal fitness. They promote exercise, physical and mental health and provide a place for relaxation.
But what can we do for the environment as a commercial enterprise?  Which steps do we have to take to show the upcoming generations: “We didn’t look away!” That’s what we must find the answers to. Future generations shouldn’t be given a reason to judge us. Not for actions we initiated but for those we omitted – against better judgement. Protecting the environment doesn’t exclusively mean to talk and write about it but to take small and big steps in the right direction. We from the Skiworld Ahrntal have lived this topic for years and would now like to show which steps we’ve already initiated and which are still in planning. Each one of us is required to act in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner in our everyday professional lives. As a ski resort we are well aware that we can’t be the most environmentally oriented business. Nevertheless, we want to prove what we as a whole and every individual employee can achieve. Environmental protection doesn’t start with big political changes, which we cannot determine, direct or control anyway, but on a small scale, starting with the printing of an unnecessary amount of paper. The central starting point of our everyday actions must be the following: authentic and transparent actions to protect our environment!

What we do and what we plan!

Energy & climate:

-    The Ahrntal valley is energy self-sufficient – the green energy production even exceeds our total consumption and we are therefore increasingly acting as an energy supplier
-    Energy recovery: The energy generated from the operation of the “K-Express” cable car is stored and used to run the various huts
-    Klausberg Seilbahn Ltd. is with its valley station, the “Hexenkessel” and its in the valley located garages part of the “Wuega” (Wärme- und Energiegenossenschaft Ahrntal).
-    The collected wastewater from the huts does not flow randomly down to the valley but is channelled down in its own sewer network (its own sewage treatment plant) – thus preventing pollution, protecting flora and fauna.
-    The Klausberg electric power station built in the valley can be used in a dual function: Either for snow production or, with the help of recirculating water, for the production of green, renewable energy.
-    What we produce in green hydropower energy covers the entire annual energy consumption of the ski arena Klausberg.
-    The plastic-free ski resort – a future vision: our plans and ideas for the future are that, together with the ski huts, we want to offer a plastic-reduced daily business – apart from our dinos of course…?
-    “Municipality for climate” Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures – Part 1: Sand in Taufers is leading the way in South Tyrol – the first municipality with this certification! What does that include? It includes a variety of different measures concerning climate- and environmental protection. Just to mention a few: energy saving plan on municipal territory, energy-efficient public buildings, expansion of renewable energies, implementation of sustainable mobility concepts, raising the public’s awareness for environmental issues.
-    “Municipality for climate” Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures – Part 2: Sand in Taufers positions itself as a CO2-free municipality – in the course of this, several prizes were won (KlimaEnergy Award, Clime Star Award, Village Renewal Award)
-    The reservoir on Speikboden: In contrast to other reservoirs (complex filling with pre-cooled spring water), the one on Speikboden can be fully filled with meltwater! Commissioning it on over 2,000 meters above sea level allows pressure to built up which then in turn supplies the snow cannons and thus reduces the total energy consumption.

Economy & environment:

- For all new projects and lift-revisions we strive for the best possible environmental performance.
-    It is very important for us to create new slopes, but always with consideration of ecological aspects – those are of course coordinated with the relevant offices and agencies. Environmental protocols and expert opinions decide on the new construction! And that’s exactly why only 0.8% of the municipal territory are developed for skiing.
-    If a slope is then realised, there is little interference with the environment; if so, we conduct reforestation work in that area – that can be proven in figures looking at the new construction of the “Panorama” (Hühnerspiel) cable car: 15,000 (!) trees were planted.
-    Compensatory measures: This point goes hand in hand with the previous one. When new ski area-specific constructions are built, measures are taken afterwards that have a balancing and ecologically positive effect on the surrounding nature. Examples therefore are:  avalanche barriers, flood protection structures, renaturation “Trejer lake”.
-    The Skiworld Ahrntal invests in new technologies and facilities every year (only in the past years over 20 million euros), that perform their job with reduced emissions, sustainable and environmentally friendly power units.
-    The Klausberg Seilbahn Ltd. lends a hand: Every 2nd day we act as an intermediate milk supplier with our gondola for the local mountain farmers in our area, so that the organic cow’s milk reaches its destination safely and on time.
-    We are able to prepare all the slopes with few snow-grooming vehicles.
-    Well trained, experienced and passionate snowcat drivers know the territory best and work highly efficiently – the technology “Snowsat” analyses the exact snow depth and therefore makes it possible to easily distribute the snow evenly and no unnecessary amounts of snow have to be produced - smart snow production!
-    As a direct/indirect employer of about 350 employees directly in the ski resort and of countless employees in the extended economic cycle, we encourage all the workers to take small steps towards environmental protection and to always look out for environmental improvements.
-    We create jobs locally and in close proximity for local workers and part-time farmers! The accessibility of the workplace by sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transport is therefore given.
-    With the introduction of the “Monni-Card” (rechargeable shopping card by the "hds" Trade and Services Association South Tyrol) we strengthen the local economic cycles and reduce the total emissions of the international courier journeys.
-    “Spend in Taufers” follows the same path: These are vouchers that can be redeemed in 60 participating businesses in the greater “Sand in Taufers” area
-    Reusable tickets (Key-cards): In contrary to other ski resorts in the Alpine region, we offer innovative and reusable tickets – goodbye “throw-away” culture!
-    Whereas in the early years of online ticket sales a physical copy was always necessary in order to collect your skipass, we now transmit the QR-code directly to the smartphone.
-    The province of South Tyrol established a functioning recycling and sewerage system years ago. Which our valley profits from as well: The local systems work on a high technological level, protect the environment and the people.


- The ski busses have already been circulating our streets since the 70’s, since 1985 even shuttling between the two areas – they reduce the overall traffic and therefore encourage not only nature conservation through reduced emissions but also increase safety on the roads.
-    With the introduction of the so-called “Holiday-Pass” in the Ahrntal valley, we animate our guests to use public transport more! This pass enables our guests to use busses and trains throughout South Tyrol. With this initiative, which launched in cooperation with the tourism associations and the local hotel industry, we decrease the traffic on our roads and reduce the polluting CO2-emissions and improve the air quality of our valley.
-    The new lifts are designed in such a way that emissions can be reduced to a minimum with maximum transport capacity.
-    The installation of an electric filling station with two modules at the Klausberg Seilbahn Ltd. valley station was implemented in 2021 - at the Speikboden Ltd. valley station, two modules have already been available for e-fuelling since 2017 (!)!
-    Snowcat suppliers will offer alternative power trains in the future – we will be a part of it, when the first tests with electrical and hydrogen slope groomers happen.

Flora & fauna:

-    During the summer our slopes turn into lush Alpine meadows – creating living and grazing space for livestock – our local farmers promote the rural cultural landscape and contribute to its preservation
-    The wildlife population in our skiing and hiking areas has been steadily increasing for years.
-    In the past we have created habitat for fish in the “Klaussee” lake, in the Ahr and in the different streams of the valley – we would like to preserve that accordingly. One of our employees is directly involved in this action and his motivation is unbroken.

Our goals – our visions – our guidelines:

Regionality is and will be an important part of our day-to-day work. Be it with the costumers, the suppliers and/or other institutions. In all our economic actions we want to exert regional influence. This influence manifests itself in the fact that we shop locally, hire local companies with corresponding works and that our huts use products that have short production and delivery routes. Hand in hand with these efforts comes our long-term goal to become a fully plastic-free ski resort. However, we’re also dependent on the support and motivation of all hut owners in the zone. Another aim that we as the Klausberg Seilbahn Ltd. can approach autonomously is the 100% conversion to organic oils, which can either be reused in recycled materials or disposed of in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Our call to you!

We share a responsibility for our ski area, for the Ahrntal valley and for our habitat. If we respect our valley, we won’t just be able to operate sustainably but also guarantee the preservation of this remarkable place of recreation. The visitor realises if we don’t take care of the natural and cultural heritage. She/he will look for alternative destinations. So, let’s put our efforts toward undoing environmentally unfriendly interventions or reducing their negative impact, initiating positive actions with regard to environmental protection and making the future worth living – without having to justify ourselves to the younger generation!
Environmental protection is the commitment and involvement of each and every one to reach the common objective of conserving and protecting our environment.


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