A winter wonderland that makes hearts beat faster!

Dive into a world where majestic 3,000-meter peaks kiss the sky and 80 such giants transform the Ahrntal into a kingdom of mountains. When elsewhere the last dance of snowflakes fades, Ahrntal shines in its full, snow-white splendor – and that until late spring!

Over 86 kilometers of slopes, a paradise unfolds that surpasses every skier's dream. From rapid descents to gentle slopes, Ahrntal enchants generations and draws them together under the spell of snow-covered wonders. Step into this spectacular panorama, where every moment becomes an irresistible temptation of snow and freedom.

Winter 2024/25:
☑️ Klausberg: 12/06/2024 to 04/27/2025
☑️ Speikboden: 12/06/2024 to 04/22/2025

12/02/2023 – 12/23/2023 || Off-Peak
12/24/2023 – 01/06/2024 || Peak Season
01/07/2024 – 01/27/2024 || Off-Peak
01/28/2024 – 04/01/2024 || Peak Season
04/02/2024 – 04/07/2024 || Off-Peak

Winter 2024/25

Winter season
Klausberg: 6th december 2024
until 27th arpil 2025
Speikboden: 6th december 2024
until 22th arpil 2025

Opening hours
until 04.00pm
Last downhill ride Klausberg: 4:30 pm
Last downhill ride Speikboden: 4:45 pm


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