NEW: cable car "SONNEN"

Experience the latest innovation in the Klausberg ski area of Skiworld Ahrntal - the modern and comfortable 10-person cabin lift "SONNEN". As a groundbreaking improvement to the existing infrastructure, this state-of-the-art facility replaces the old 3-seater "Sonnellift" and allows guests to reach breathtaking altitudes of over 2,000 meters in just 6 minutes and 12 seconds.

▶️ Slopes:
The "SONNEN" cabin lift is not only a symbol of progress and comfort but also a testament to our efforts to continually enhance and make our slopes more attractive. With the new lift comes new, wider, and more enticing slopes that offer an unparalleled skiing experience for both beginners and experienced skiers. In addition to improving the slope quality, the new 10-seater "SONNEN" cabin lift will provide direct access to the valley descent, K1, as well as our cozy alpine huts. Whether you're an avid skier racing down the slopes or someone who enjoys the alpine atmosphere in one of the huts, the "SONNEN" lift will take you where you want to go.
⚠️ 7.4 km of new slopes ⚠️

▶️ Cable car:
Another highlight of the new lift is the extension of the entire lift route. This not only means an extended ride time but also prolonged enjoyment and even more opportunities to relish the majestic beauty of the surrounding Alps. Lastly, the new higher-altitude mountain station of the "SONNEN" lift offers a unique panoramic viewpoint. From here, you can savor the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape and be enchanted by the unparalleled beauty of South Tyrol.

Data and Facts:
▶️ Lift Name: Sonnen
▶️ Manufacturer: Doppelmayr
▶️ Type: 10-person monocable gondola D-Line
▶️ Number of Cabins: 47 "Omega IV"
▶️ Cabin Capacity: 10 people
▶️ Capacity: 2,400 p/h
▶️ Valley Station: 1,436 m | Mountain Station: 2,014 m (Elevation Difference: 578 m)
▶️ Length: 1,458 m
▶️ Speed: 5 m/s
▶️ Ride Time: 6 minutes and 12 seconds
▶️ Year of Construction: 2023
⛏️ Replaces: 3-seater chairlift "Sonnellift" (Year of Construction: 1991)

Whenever possible, contracts are awarded to local companies to keep production and delivery routes short and efficient, and to promote local economic cycles.

The new 10-person cabin lift "SONNEN" is more than just a means of transportation - it's an invitation to experience skiing in Skiworld Ahrntal in an entirely new way. We can't wait to welcome you starting from December 2023 and offer you this new and exciting experience. Your adventure in the Alps awaits!

Slopes | valley slope
Ski Enjoyment at the Highest Level

Wider, Longer & More Relaxed - The New Slopes at "Sonnen"!

A Completely New Interior Sensation - Including Panoramic Views
The Hidden Gem at Klausberg

Modern, Comfortable, Fast

The interior of "Sonnen" is effectively minimalistic and tidy, devoid of visible attachments, combined with expansive windows. It's like sitting outdoors – panoramic views guaranteed! Comfort is also provided by ergonomically designed leather seats that turn every ascent into a pleasure for both adults and children.

New Construction

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