"Ice Games" - International Snow Sculpture Festival at Klausberg

Sculptures of Snow & Ice

Discover the magic of ice and snow at Klausberg - the home of the Ice Games. Every year, internationally recognized artists gather here, passionate about transforming ice into masterpieces and crafting ephemeral sculptures from frozen water.

Every January, masters of ice sculpture ascend to an altitude of 2,500 meters. During the four-day event, they wield hammers, files, and saws to shape their unique creations from blocks of ice.

These frosty sculptures defy time, often remaining nearly untouched atop the summit of K2 until the end of March, as long as the spring sun hasn't unleashed its full power. The site captures the attention of passersby, inspiring reflection and tranquility, and consistently serves as a popular photo spot.

The Ice Games have become a cherished tradition at Klausberg - a fusion of art and culture, set against the backdrop of nature's beauty. Experience this winter wonderland up close!


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