Capricorn climbing wall

Kiddy Climbing Wall at Klausberg: Where Little Climbers Make a Big Impact!

Climbing enthusiasts, kids, are you ready for your next adventure? Who hasn't dreamt of scaling walls just like the top climbing stars, making their way to the top?

The Klausberg Adventure Hiking Trail has just that challenge waiting for you! Our Kiddy Climbing Wall will make young hearts race and offers the perfect introduction to the world of climbing. Plan your route, climb higher and higher, and leave your parents in awe (and perhaps a bit nervous?).

The best part? Once you reach the summit, a resounding bell chime rewards your efforts! All eyes will be on you, and who knows, there might even be an enthusiastic round of applause for the little mountaineers.

Where: Klausberg hiking trail
Difficulty: easy

Children's Boulder Wall
high up...

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