FIS Women's European Cup Slalom in Ahrntal.

The Queens of Goasleitn Enter Their Fourth Year, But They're Already Legendary!

On the 15th & 16th of December 2023, the women's slalom races will take place on the "Goasleitn" slope in the Skiworld Ahrntal. "Steep, unpredictable, a roller coaster of emotions." This is how the athletes describe the track with its unique terrain undulations. Thrilling races, an awe-inspiring mountain backdrop, and - last but not least - the warm hospitality of Ahrntal make this two-day event one of the highlights of the alpine skiing circuit. It provides skiing enthusiasts the chance to witness the best female athletes in action, whether on the slopes or during the evening's award ceremony followed by the After-Race-Party.

The Venue:
At the heart of the Skiworld Ahrntal lies the birthplace of Teldra winter sports, the epitome of a black slope: The "Goasleitn". Behind this unassuming name from the Ahrntal dialect is neither a peaceful spot for a breather nor a romantic mountain pasture where cows enjoy their summer retreat. In winter, the "Goasleitn" transforms into a challenging concoction of snow and ice. It's steep, unpredictable, slippery, a rollercoaster of highs and lows, twists and turns, sweat and tears. The only thing willingly left behind on this slope are worn-out ski edges. And what one takes away: the realization that more reps in the gym during the summer might have been beneficial.

Program for 15th & 16th December 2023:

  • 1st Run 09:30 AM
  • 2nd Run 13:00 PM


Europacup 2023
Skiworld Ahrntal
>>>Livestream<<< | Fis-Europacup - Queens of Goasleitn


1. run: 09:30 am
2. run: 01:00 pm

zum Livestream

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