„Michl“ - The new slope down to the valley 

Taufer’s local mountain is very important to the Speikboden corporation. The long-awaited wish to make the Speikboden valley run accessible to mediocre skiers has now become a reality! During the past summer months, the piste was rebuilt and adapted to today's safety and quality requirements, and has therefore not only earned a new color (pertaining to difficulty), but also a new name!

The new slope has a unique flair with a fascinating view of the entire Ahrntal valley and the main Alpine ridge. There are still plenty of interesting sections for experienced skiers, but even the mediocre skier will now have no problems mastering the slope.

Starting this coming season the slope will be downgraded to “medium difficulty”,  thanks to the improvement of certain narrow and steep sections along the descent.

The upcoming winter season at  Ahrntal Skiworld will therefore be offering an exciting new highlight!


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