Tunneling of the conveyor belt "Tottomandl

Constantly improving comfort for snow-loving guests is a top priority at the Speikboden ski area. More than 10 years ago, a new type of transport system was used in the area of the top station: a "Tottomandl" actually describes the Alpine salamander in South Tyrolean dialect.

In the Speikboden ski area, the "Tottomandl" is impressive 220 meters long and its centerpiece is a 75-centimeter-wide conveyor belt that comfortably and safely covers a height difference of 43 meters. A Plexiglas roof construction not only protects it from the weather, but really does help the entire conveyor look a bit like an oversized salamander.

During the past summer months, a part of the conveyor was tunneled under to provide a better connection to the top station of the Speikboden cable car. From now on, an approximately 50m wide runway leads over the conveyor belt.

It certainly won't be boring underground, because there are plenty of native animals to admire on the illuminated section.

the project:

Partial underground conveyor belt for better connection


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