Ski Tours of a special kind

Sorrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery, the Skiworld Ahrntal is a magnet for ski tourers. Our trained mountain guides drive the guests up. However, at your own risk, because there is acute danger of addiction! To make sure, this does not become a problem, there are many more peaks available: 80 mountains above three-thousand meters and a lot more mountains above two-thousand meters should be enough. Especially the many stunning mountains above three-thousand meters are a long and intensive experience. Until late in May, even until the early days of June this is possible.The Ahrntal in particular is a magnet for hikers during spring: Not far and the skis can be strapped on. Tours, such as the Schwarzenstein or the Großer Löffler can be exhausting. In the end it´s always worth it: The summit and the breathtaking view are worth every step of the way.

At Klausberg ski tourers have the opportunity to try freshly prepared slopes every Thrusday evening! Between 6.00 pm and 12.00 pm the descent and the slope "Hexenschuss" up to 1.800 m above sea level (=mountain station K1) are exclusively reserved for ski tourers! Even some of our ski huts leave their doors open for the ski tourers!

At the same time, we ask for your understanding that our slopes are inaccessible in the entire ski area on the remaining days and nights! In case of accidents with other skiers, tobogganers, snow groomers or rope ways etc. offenders are responsible and at the same time punishable!

A big thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in terms of the safety of all!


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