Südtiroler Jazzfestival  Alto Adige

Concerts at Speikboden

Unusual soundscapes on the Speikboden: International calibre jazz players honour us with their presence. The Festival is known for its eccentric locations and original bands - so welcome to the Speikboden. To a particular pleasure. To the finale of a special series of Spring in the Mountains events.

Sunday, 27th of June 2021

10.30 am: Sonnklarhütte

13.00 pm: Trejer Alm

15.30 pm: Station Speikboden Alm

Fatima Spar & The Freedom Fries
SUNDAY, 27th june 2021

Is that Balkan folk? Swing jazz? Or even pop?

One thing is certain: the "post-Ottoman" swing band from Vienna cares little about musical categories. Nihal Sentürk, a native of Vorarlberg, playfully zigzags between cultures in her role as Fatima Spar. The result is an explosive mixture of contemporary jazz and swing with oriental rhythms, Balkan folklore and Turkish tango.


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