Excitement in Klausiland

The Klausiland is a children´s dream: With many special attractions, the little ones can let of steam in lofty heights! Klausi-express, magic carpet, snow igloo, Klausi castle and slides. Klausiland and its attractions stand for pure entertainment. What´s the name “Klausiland” all about? Just ask the dinosaur Klausi! Under the watchful eyes of Klausi, nothing except pure fun is happening here.

A Kingdom for a Dinosaur

Klausi is a dinosaur and the mascot of the Skiworld Ahrntal and the Klausiland. Klausi takes care of the guests and cares for the little ski enthusiasts: Fun is guaranteed!

A Dinosaur stands for Fun

Fun for the little ones

Klausiland offers children a place to enjoy their time at Klausberg. The dinosaur Klausi has an eye on the little snow friends!


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