Women`s Europacup 2020

The women's European Cup will be held in Skiworld Ahrntal on 12 & 13 December 2020!



The event:
50 years of the Klausberg cable car, 60 years of the Ahrntal Ski Club. It's time to bundle 110 years of winter sports experience and bring the skiing elite to Skiworld Ahrntal! On 12 & 13 December 2020 the day has come when the up-and-coming talents and future ski stars will demand everything from each other in the slalom on the Klausberg on the "Guasleiten" slope! The Women's European Cup will have a rendezvous on one of the most challenging slopes the women's ski circus has ever seen.

The location:
In the middle of the Skiworld Ahrntal lies the cradle of Teldra winter sports, the epitome of a black piste: The "Guasleiten". Behind the inconspicuous name from the Ahrntal dialect, however, lies neither a tranquil place to take a breather nor a romantic alpine meadow where cows enjoy their summer retreat. The "Guasleiten" mutates into a challenge of snow and ice in winter. Steep, unpredictable, slippery, an up and down of emotions, rough edges, sweat and tears. The only thing left behind voluntarily in this "Leite" are scuffed edges. And what do you take with you? The realisation that we should have done more repetitions in the weight room in the summer.

The programm:
Saturday, 12.12.2020
09:55 am         Countdown
10:00 am         LIVE: 1 run

12:55 pm          Countdown
01:00 am          LIVE: 1 run

Sonntag, 13.12.2020
09:55 am         Countdown
10:00 am          LIVE: 1 run

12:55 pm          Countdown
01:00 am          LIVE: 1 run


pure challange
55 sec.
travel time
attitude difference

Attention: However, there is nothing more important than the health of our guests, athletes and residents. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the races will be held exclusively WITHOUT PUBLIC and therefore no tickets will be provided.


Europacup 2020
Skiworld Ahrntal
Skiworld Ahrntal training centre
Training slope


The "Guasleitn" was already a popular training slope for World Cup skiers in recent years. The piste is specially treated with water for training teams so that you can find optimal piste conditions throughout the winter.

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